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FNCE 2019 Happenings

Meet, learn, and network with RDPG members at FNCE!

Are you presenting your research in a session or poster at FNCE? Please email your session information to webmaster@researchdpg.org to be added to this list.

Sunday 27 October 2019
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
396. New Innovations to Tap Nature's Diversity for Tomorrow's Food Products
Research DPG Members: Dr. Ashley Vargas, Moderator and Dr. Lauri Byerley, Session Coordinator

8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

149. Cultivating Sustainable Food Systems: A Nutrition-Focused Framework for Action
Research DPG Member: Marie Spiker, Presenter

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

209. When in Rome: Developing Criteria for Brain-Gut Gastrointestinal Disorders
Research DPG Member: Barbara Gordon, Session Coordinator

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

413. Move Over, Millennials: What Generation Z Expects from Dietetics Education
Research DPG Members: Dr. Mary-Jon Ludy, Speaker and Dr. Robin Tucker, Moderator

3:30 PM – 5:00 PM

323. Advancing the Profession in Real Time: An Interactive Preview of Academy Research Priorities
Research DPG Member: Dr. Nancy Emenaker, Speaker

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

FNCE 2019 Member Reception
All Research DPG members welcome!

Monday 28 October 2019

8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
19. Unlocking Precision Nutrition Care: Is Genetic Information the Key?
Research DPG Members: Dr. Amy Ellis, Speaker and Dr. Ashley Vargas, Speaker

Tuesday 29 October 2019

12:00 PM– 1:30 PM

Enriching Diversity in the Dietetics Profession Via Individuals with Disabilities
Research DPG Member: Dr. Suzi Baxter, Speaker

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

327. Exploring the Boundaries of RDN Scope of Practice
Research DPG Member: Susan Roberts, Speaker

As a practice group, there are lots of opportunities to network during FNCE:

  • Annual Research DPG Breakfast: Join members of the DPG for a morning meal, networking, and discussion of nutrition research news.
  • DPG Forum: Look for us in the FNCE Exhibit Hall with the other practice groups.
  • Educational programming: Each year we submit one or two proposals for FNCE sessions. Stay tuned for announcements about our sessions.
  • Pre-FNCE session: The Research DPG sponsors a research-oriented pre-session educational opportunity. Be on the lookout for e-blasts and posts about pre-session news. Details for FNCE 2019 to come!


2019          Philadelphia, PA            October 26-29 
2020  Indianapolis, IN  October 17-20
2021  New Orleans, LA  October 16-19
2022  Orlando, FL  October 8-11
2023  Denver, CO  October 7-10