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Join the Research Dietetic Practice Group virtually for FNCE® October 17-20!


FNCE® 2020 Happenings

Meet, learn, and network with RDPG members at FNCE®!

Research Dietetic Practice Group (Research DPG) Executive Committee Virtual Meeting

Friday 16 October, 12 noon – 2 PM CT

RDPG Executive Committee meeting of elected and appointed board members. By invitation only.


Research Dietetic Practice Group (Research DPG) Annual Member Meeting & Mixer

Saturday 17 October, 6:00 – 7:30 PM CT

All Research DPG members and future prospective members are invited to attend our Research DPG Annual Member Meeting & Mixer! Join us for a night of fun, learning and celebration as we explore a diverse array of research contributions and opportunities open for all dietetic professionals at all levels! Join one of our breakout sessions while you network with our Research DPG colleagues and learn a new topical area from an expert-in-the-field!   

Registration link: See https://www.researchdpg.org/ and Breakout Sign Up for more details.


Designer Foods: Moving Technology From the Lab to the Fork

Tuesday 20 October, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM CT

Gene-editing technologies hold unprecedented possibilities to increase global food production and nutrient demands in the face of an ever-growing world population. However altering DNA could cause unintended consequences for consumers and the environment. Join as our for this evidence-based scientific session as we look at gene-editing technologies used in the US and global food supply.

Registration link: https://eatrightfnce.org/sessions/1287849/

Are you presenting your research in a session or poster at FNCE®? Please email your session information to webmaster@researchdpg.org to be added to this list.

  • Unwinding the Paradox of Food Insecurity and Obesity in the Same Household in Rural Populations
  • Expanding the Horizon of the Nutrition Profession Through Informatics
  • To Tell the Truth: Lessons from Food and Nutrition Policy Journalists in the Era of Fake News
  • 2020 Lenna Frances Coopers Memorial Lecture- Good Nutrition Speak in a Polarized World: May We Have a Courteous Discourse?
  • 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee: Let's Talk About the Evidence
  • Ethical Implications for Social Responsibility and Fairness
  • Science vs Sound Bite: Grading the Evidence and Guidelines for Communicating and Interpreting Research
  • Saturated Fat: Navigating the Controversies
  • Looking AHEAD: Putting Lessons Learned from the Action for Health in Diabetes Study into Practice
  • Moving Beyond Effectiveness: Addressing Childhood Obesity Disparities with Translational Research
  • Evidence and Practice for Building Expert Nutrigenomic Dietitians
  • Precision Nutrition at Scale: Machine Learning Insights into Personal Metabolic and Microbiome Response
  • The Science Behind CBD and the Human Endocannabinoid System
  • Designer Foods: Moving Technology from the Lab to the Fork 


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As a practice group, there are lots of opportunities to network during FNCE®:

  • Annual Research DPG Event: Join members of the DPG for networking and news.
  • DPG Forum: Look for us in the FNCE® Exhibit Hall with the other practice groups.
  • Educational programming: Each year we submit one or two proposals for FNCE® sessions. Stay tuned for announcements about our sessions.
  • Pre-FNCE® session



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2020  Indianapolis, IN - changed to virtual in response to COVID-19  October 17-20
2021  New Orleans, LA  October 16-19
2022  Orlando, FL  October 8-11
2023  Denver, CO  October 7-10